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Version: 1.0 APK - Updated: July 07, 2009
Your pirates mate is not happy and he has challenged you to a game of wits. The person who gets the most coins wins!It's time for Scallwags Revenge!
Version: 0.8 APK - Updated: May 16, 2009
Simple app to test how many digits of Pi you can remember. Can you believe that someone remembers 100,000 decimal places??v0.8 - made option to require key press before the error message you see when you make a mistake disappears (see 'Settings' in menu)
Version: 4 APK - Updated: May 13, 2009
Classic game of Tac Tac Toe but uses random silly little characters instead of the old boring X's and O's. Simple Fun!Version 4 is Android 1.5 SDK Ready!Enjoy!
Version: 1.0.0 APK - Updated: April 16, 2009
Manage Hollywood Hospital and deal with crazy illnesses, mad machines and Tinseltown celebs. Help the staff cure glamorous patients while juggling their own love affairs.The stars wouldn't be seen dead any place else.
Version: 1.0.0 APK - Updated: April 14, 2009
Can you become a Potentate of the Rose?Rules:1. The name of the game is "Petals Around the Rose", and the name is significant.2. The answer is always a nonnegative even number, or zero.3. Anyone who knows the game may give the answer to any roll, but they must not disclose the...
Version: 0.9 APK - Updated: April 05, 2009
Test your dexterity! Dactyl is an addictive, fast-paced exercise for your fingers. The premise of the game is simple--defuse the bombs before they blow up. Clear your mind and put your fingers to work...Over 1 million downloads on the iPhone
Version: 0.9.2 APK - Updated: April 02, 2009
The Twelve Tile Puzzle features 12 colored tiles that need to be placed in order by selecting selecting one of two moves, such as "Flip" and "Merge" Although this puzzle is heavily inspired by the Scientific American's M12 puzzle it has some significant additional features....
Version: 1.2.0 APK - Updated: March 14, 2009
Take your child on a discovery tour within the world of animals. Kid friendly, no small buttons: Tapping the whole screen transitions to the next animal and its iconic sound. You will be surprised how quickly kids master the simple screen pat. You choose between 21 friendly cartoon animals or 21...
Version: 1.0.2 APK - Updated: February 20, 2009
Collect stars, tap blue clocks to get extra time..avoid black clocks(-2 seconds).enjoy.Note: Permissions are for ad at bottom.
Version: 1.0.3 APK - Updated: October 27, 2008
AndSudoku is a Sudoku puzzle-game for Android.The goal is to fill all fields with numbers from 1 to 9 in an order thatevery row and every column contains each of the numbers only once.Also every 3x3 SubBox may contain every number just once.Workout your brain :) .