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one piece Grand Quiz Battle 1.0.2
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finally started selling the long-awaited [punk hazard ed]!
Ability to bulk purchase all 7 ed also be added. Let starting on a new adventure in this opportunity!
--------------------------------------------- -----------------------
one piece in a quiz battle! game gang of
straw in the intelligence !! one piece the answer to the quiz you've been named after the horizontal scroll quiz battle !!
quiz that will defeat the enemy's large volume of more than 160 questions each pack! ■ Experience the history of the gang of adventure!
Is the beginning of the adventure 'east of the Sea (East Blue)' to start from, to the New World 'punk hazard' is the stage.
First east of the sea for free and enjoy the (East Blue) ed!
Additional episodes to be played when you buy respectively. Play can also be in your favorite order!
Releasing the episode, you can use character is also added! ■ The Kirinukero the pinch in the skill activate!
Have special skills each straw of gang.
For example, Luffy attack the entire enemy! Nami seal the enemy attack! Zorro can be reduced to banged choice quiz!
That is pooled skill gauge to answer the quiz, it will be able to activate if accustomed to gauge full. Use far from skills is also important! ■ Challenge your limits! Endless mode!
Problem until the game is over continues out 'endless mode' is also there!
Endless mode own problems 450 questions! Are questions randomly been added episode issues have further.
Aiming for a high score, it's a challenge to your limits! ■ stage introduction
8 stage configuration of each hen is usually 6 stage ex2 stage.
Easy addition for each stage, normal, and available in three difficulty of hard.
And Nozomeru met stage to quiz yourself power and prowess! From the east of the Sea (East Blue) ed] the beginning of the
Luffy's adventure, quiz until the fierce fight in the Aaron Park is questions. Ha ha chan appeared Aaron as the boss! From the Alabaster Operations]
ground line rush, Fuyushima, and questions about the battle in Alabaster. The lovable formidable enemy, mr.2 · Bon Clay also appeared! The boss of course Crocodile!
Releasing the stage, chopper becomes a friend! [Sky island Operations] Releasing the
stage Robin is a companion! Quiz on the sky island knitting is it center! God Enel is Tachifusagaru! From the fight against [Water Seven Hen]
Foxy Pirates, questions from the episode until the fierce fight with cp9 at Water Seven, and Eniesurobi. Listen to each and Lucci! Frankie, joined on stage release! The [Thriller Bark Operations] and
release Brook becomes a friend! Oze fight with Moria, and overlook the quiz with a focus on Thriller Bark! [Marin Ford Hen]
whopping Shanks to be available! Escape from Impel down, and it's questions from Marin Ford top war! Admiral red dog, a fierce fight with the Marshal Sengoku awaits! [Fishman Island Operations]
stage is to the New World! The questions from the rally in Shabondy Islands, to mortal combat with Hodi Jones at Fishman Island. Vanderbilt-Decken also appeared! In stage release, costumes in a little bit of New World to become available! [Punk hazard Operations]
pirate alliance formed! Trafalgar Law is the fellow! Battle of punk hazard's stage. Monet, stand up with low to Caesar ■ When one piece Moja! And cooperation !!
free app 'one piece Moja!' Has become even more fun by
cooperation !! ① the 'Grand Quiz Battle' and 'Moja!
'Moja when you work together!' You can get !! ② play 'Moja mile' that can be used in the 'Clearing the
several conditions to dress the top page of' Moja! 'Dedicated wallpaper get!
' Moja! ' gonna to be replaced!
※ If you do not have a game app 'Moja! 'To enter the long play and hands. ③ Moja nationwide that have the same game app! The Kisoeru the ranking of the game score in the user!
In addition, if Moja friend is not playing in the same game, it'll she can boast to Moja friend is if Dase hit the
high scores seen ranking only Moja friend each other!! - ------------------------------------------
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