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-Event page:
■ Mu origin 2nd anniversary! To beyond the Guild Legion! ■
Mu origin and two years ago the Corps major update!
Imagine it more! To beyond the Guild Legion!
■ Content Update (2.4.0) ■
Corps content - before the server within 1-4 will be added to the 'Legion' content in a guild to manage union, guild
Union - 11 Corps must complete after one ring level quests the content will be activated
- the guild master who achieved at least level 6 guilds can create and join a legion.
- army corps has four positions (gundanjang, husband leader, won the elite corps, General Corps circle), and is given the title by permission.
- When a guild master delegate authority, gundanjang / husband Corps Director position is also entrusted with
- available from a Elite Corps title won legions channels (chat)
# # - perform the army corps created or quest, you can get the 'prosperity' #
City Saturday 24, cumulative prosperity road weekly rankings are determined Corps becomes, Legion events (manor for the top four corps contend) will be given eligibility. City
# 3000 0 daily prosperity will be deducted prosperity Corps will automatically be dismissed if the degree is zero.
# Legion quests are Mondays 0:00 It will be reset.
2. . Before Corps (manor contend)
- weekly ranking army corps 1-4 above to proceed before the Corps from the Army Corps> Corps Event
# running time: Every Sunday 20: 00 ~ 20:30
# eligibility: Every Saturday during 24 weeks in prosperity is also based on the cumulative ranking 1-4 above 3
Corps. Sacred collected
- Event> Server competitions> Manor collected] to select one of the places where two estates in the available positions
- estates picking only those who have achieved more than 10 pills of 60 Entry Level possible.
four. Dangerous and personal content
- Relic is activated to complete the [trick] Quest after 11 rings
1 level - as an option for the sacred is the life force, Attack, Defense, Resilience
- 'Resilience' option is a new option which lowers the baldongryul of special effects that applies to attacks by other users
Insignia system - a system that grants immunity effect for a period of time to release the abnormal status effects applied to your
-state over effects Example: slow down, freeze, stun, knockback, bondage, stunned 6
paralysis. Wings Costume
- and change the appearance of the retaining wings when worn, is added to the 'Wings Costume 'character options that is applied
※' Wing Costume 'is obtained through events, promotions, etc. available.
■ system features improvements and fixes guide ■
1. Events> Schedule can be found in the schedule of events by day progress in the game.
2. [Character> title - you can more easily separated by a General / special designation from the title menu to manage.
3. Highest level of a character is raised to 13 pills 100 level.
4. It is open to infinity of the tower 131 ~ 140 layers.
May. The battle cry wolf 10lv processing time will be changed to Saturday, 20:00 to 20:30.
6. The maximum quantities of overlapped some items will increase to 999 pieces.
7. Borne attack when collected from the mines and estates modify collected does not skip the picking motion, it is possible to gather resources.
8. Naver is applied to the plug, you can more easily identify the origin Mu official news cafes in the game.
9. Server competitions> Land of Trials] compensation will be adjusted. (Sapphire, amethyst add)
10. [Character> stats from the unique id can be confirmed.
Description ==== ====
hesitant to install the app rights reserved Mu Origin warrior who's relieved Please!
1. To help the warrior's Mu Origin Register and login the game has been receiving information on Google Plus account.
2. Use account information to let you send events to news and information via push messages to the origin of a Emu warrior's terminal.
3. To facilitate real-time playing games such as MU patches, bug fixes, read the origin of the internal or external storage folder related to the origin of a Emu's a mighty handset, or you can use
Address: match Seongnam Pangyo 242 to
(Sampyeong-dong, pdc b east)
Customer Service: 1566-3003 Developer

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