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■ MU origin guild league updates! ■
socializing is enough! Now it's war!
Mu guild league Origin 2.6 Update!
■ Content Update (2.6.0) ■
Guild league - Guild league is content that can obscure the merits of the guild and the guild battle in a limited time between servers without limitation
- Guild league is 'minor league' and 'Major League.' consists of, a structure to advance to the majors depending entirely in the minor leagues
- will proceed in a way that captured the temple and flags in a separate battle space (the field of God)
- Guild level 6 or higher guild master can apply to participate in the minor leagues
- participate do not have to apply separately for scheduled guild participate or advance in the major League
it is possible - the minor leagues running time: Mon, Tuesday 20:30 to 21:00
- MLB proceeds hours: Saturday and Sunday 20:30 to 21:00
- you can apply for admission until 30 minutes before each round begins
- To its former position when, there is that you can enter 'the temple' a separate map, 'God spot' and a four-
Flags - Guild in the league and occupied the temple at the end is victorious , if the amount of the Guild has not taken over the temple, the guild will win battle points higher
- after the battle starts, Guild of the character for the first time entered the temple will occupy the shrine
- If a guild member with the two sides of my temples, occupation of the temple is unchanged
- If the extension is not my character, the shrine to the US occupation
change - extension does not exist, the portal is linked with the outside, you need a strategic play for the temple occupied
- minors are each season (4 weeks), and each consists of 8 rounds, random 1: 1 matching proceeds in
- depending on the W / L of each round Ranking points will be paid to the guild, depending on the point is reflected in the rankings
- until the end of the 8th guild minors are conducted after the first update will automatically participate in the Guild opened league next season as a major league, Beginning of the season after only 1, 2, and the guild will advance to the major Leagues next season
- major League consists of seven rounds each season (4 weeks) and the 1: 1 will continue to circulate matching
- major League Baseball and the rankings are compiled according to the number of wins, the two lowest guild is demoted to the minor leagues
# - a space in the Hall of Fame Guild and character unfolded outstanding plays in league Guild listed
- compensation each to the total of four you can be in accordance with the requirements
[champion Guild rewards -
- guild achieved a champion in each league The reward can be a Guild Master and Guild
[Accessory only reward -
- only ornaments are a character can do, when it received the satisfaction of obtaining compensation league progress requirements There
- season compensation -
- you can join the final game before, the guild of the season and received only the guild participated at least once in the game,
# # - So, you will be able to receive compensation in one season
basic compensation -
- all the characters remain on the battlefield after each fight contribution Played the acquisition will be rewarded accordingly.
2. Oracle Systems
- Oracle is a system that by giving effect to the selected Oracle's skill only to 'active skill that can attack your opponent,' making it more powerful skills
# - Oracle will be applied in stages, depending on the activation conditions, Oracle (Oracle figures)
- can be equipped with up to three Oracle on one skill
- Oracle If you use this skill attached, are automatically applied in accordance with Oracle's criteria for triggering
- each rune, depending on the grade and type, the number of options and Oracle figures It is applied respectively
- runes order (defensive) / confusion (attack) / balance (life) in total, there are three types that consists of
- Rune disassembly, 'Rune powder 'can be obtained,' you can create the desired Rune Rune powder '
- Oracle levels of mounted runes are all summed, and the sum You can mount the Oracle step by step according to the San Suu
- runes can be mounted in accordance with each of eight types (for a total of 24 runes attached).
- rune slot depending on the character's level will gradually open
- can be set against each rune pages in different situations, so you can page through the strategic gameplay change as (Oracle also changes had set the page)
■ system features improvements and fixes guide ■
1. Characters highest level extension
- the highest level of character is expanded to '14 100 Exchange-level'
2. Infinite Tower 141-150
Floor open-141-150 layers is only possible positions for more than 14 nimdeul ring
Three warriors. Game upward in compensation and benefits
- tier of equipment items that can be received by the first charges will be compensated up-
> as the first-tier charging compensation 5 Epic Weapons (seven rivers), 5 tier Epic you can obtain a set of armor
- new 13 to 15 are vip grades and vip buffs will be added if you meet the conditions for grades 13-15 vip
> Previous updates, automatic new this rating applies
> you can obtain the [bond / spa wing / Howl] new pet along at 13 ~ 15 vip grades achieved, rating
- 1 ~ 12 vip existing ratings the reward of express gift packs are upward
- 'draw' the compensation that can be obtained through content reorganization will draw upward.
4. Add a new pet
- 'Bones', 'spa wing', 'Howl', is added to the 'messengers of darkness,' the new four kinds of pets and pet combinations
==== ==== Description
spare Mu're hesitant to install the app's permissions origin veterans do not worry!
1. To help the warrior's Mu Origin Register and login the game has been receiving information on Google Plus account.
2. Use account information to let you send events to news and information via push messages to the origin of a Emu warrior's terminal.
3. To facilitate real-time playing games such as MU patches, bug fixes, read the origin of the internal or external storage folder related to the origin of a Emu's a mighty handset, or you can use
Address: match Seongnam Pangyo 242 to
(Sampyeong-dong, pdc b east)
Customer Service: 1566-3003 Developer

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