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dummy dummy or game Dummy card is a card game popular in Thailand. The play relies on ESP. Topfun and the need to create a dummy dummy card game online. In order to get to play the full. And have fun with friends in the online world as well. Card games with many major Card games, but a lot of dummy cards dummy topfun from a dummy. Thailand agreed that the new inter
everyone to play card games have application for all genders and all ages. And to add to the fun of the game. Topfun the system has built in smart dummy. Allows players to play simple. Do not feel bad to damage the memory card are not friends. Tell everyone can enjoy the dummy. Thailand
full game Topfun a dummy from dummy. Thailand Thailand authentic or Black Unlike dummy heroes is a fun card Black 1
♣ features. System smart. Play easiest
2. Vivid graphics. 3
simple to understand. Many free chips every day
4. Activities. Rail is a unique 5-
. Emo cute. Instead of telling in terms
♣ 1. Keep the head (the first card of the cards) 50 points if it is the head of Christ is precious.
2 100 points. If a player knock knock to get 50 points, 3
. Stupid. If players discard the pot Then the next player to collect the card. Knock it will be deducted points -50
4. Disposing dummy. A player who leaves the deposit will be deducted -50 handicap at
5. Remove the dark. If the player is not going to end the game cards. Games will be deducted points x2
dummy built for adults. And are not guaranteed to gamble with real money. And players have the chance to win real money in the game. The coach won the game or not that player will win a real betting with real money in the real game feel like a dummy load, Black Thailand real game to know!
♣ do get a lot of chips to play dummy
1. Discard the Peter ♠ q When no cards ♠ 10 ♠ j ♠ k or q ♠ a card or another. down in the dumps cards ♠ q better because it will not have an opponent in a penalty of 50 points. But if the hand of cards waiting to partner with ♠ q q or whether it is a kind of cards in this sort would have to weigh up the risk it took
2. Discard the ♣ 2 when Peter. If no cards or ♣ 3 ♣ 4 or more cards into the 2 ♣ 2 cards left over because they do not have to be a competitor in the future. But if the hand of cards waiting duet with ♣ 2 This is a kind of 2 or more cards in this sort would have to weigh up the risk it took 3
. Look at the cards in the midfield as well. Do not discard dummy card is full or beat it. If discarding dummy card is full or beaten down. Will be deducted 50 points
4. Do not remove the dark. Due to the negative multiplier of 2. If the end of the game, but the players do not have a card yet. But in order for a card or cards may be available. Then discard one into the pot. Wait for your turn to play again. He has collected the cards have caused. But it must discard anything to see that. It matches with other cards or
5. Do not knock it, but dark. It is like a sharp sword two. How to make the player scored the most, it would not be a dark helmet. Which has scored 50 points out of a dark helmet. Multiply the total by 2 points The dark, waiting for a knock that was risky enough. If the card is not to hand. Gesture gesture Guard Corps Ka may be a negative light by 2 points as well. In this section, I must weigh my own with
6. Sort the cards look simple. Which direction should be to play against. Think before you discard the cover
7 each time. Always check your sign well before the game. If you start the game, then failed to connect to the Internet for a long time. The system allows robots to help finish the play. The robot will draw cards and discard the dice only. In order not to hand the player is stored away. If the connection comes into play immediately, you can play by putting it on the
8. Do not leave the game immediately after the play ended the game. After the play was finished If a player leaves the game immediately, while still in the race. The game starts a new cycle. The robot will come into play and may stand to lose a lot of chips. In order to end the game. To leave the game for a new round has not started
9. Do not miss the free chip from the various channels. There are many ways to get free chips. Shipping is free within the game, including awards events. Login Awards Prize friends etc. If you like, on the front page, check my post code to redeem free chips every day. Join the fun and simple activity can be rewarding. A facebook group called dummy dummy code chips will double every 2 days, and then played a great training experience. Lived a little help Scored in the past that a lot of players
We can find game time searching for Black dummy dummy dummy Thailand hero cards, etc. Black and news. joint activities by clicking on the link. https://www.facebook.com/dummyhd/

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dummy dummy 1.3.7
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