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Digimon Links 2.2.4
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- 'Digimon Links' is, the digital world is the real world and a different world 'connect' is an application. -
'Digimon Adventure' and the like, familiar Digimon who appeared a number that appeared in the 'digital monster' series so far.
Agumon and Gabumon, evolved Gatomon and Patamon us, stand up to the 'Kizuna' the weapon was suddenly occurred in the digital world to the 'accident' of the Digimon us!
real-world data is end up place, digital world.
life forms that live in the world is digital monsters, called 'Digimon'.
'Digimon Links' is, the digital world is the real world and a different world 'connect' is an application.
story begins from where you got the 'Digimon Links'.
[the Digimon Links]
so far app Digimon who appeared in 'Digimon' series appeared numerous 'Digimon Links'.
of the farm in the familiar Agumon and Gabumon, foster Biyomon and Gomamon us Digimon, psyched to 3vs3 of command battle evolved!
suddenly to the 'accident' occurred as a the digital world, stand up with your Digimon us!
[game introduction] defeated a formidable enemy in cooperation with
■ Multi-
fellow! Let Kachisusumo online co-op!
Enjoy the cooperative play with peers in the stamp of cute Digimon us!
strategy in a common ap is endless! !
■ Coliseum
nationwide users and Gachinko battle with Kimi only of Digimon that you have grown! !
Enjoy the fighting game!
in real-time battle incandescent grasp the victory!
■ turn-based command battle of the battle
full 3d! !
action game Battle of 'Kizuna' will be tested with your Digimon us!
Digimon who each have 'leader skills' advantageous to carry the battle in the 'unique skills, inherited technique', 'attributes and resistance', will to lead to a
■ farm
farm space Digimon us to live.
facilities and to foster the Digimon to the farm, such as the facility to provide a beneficial effect in the battle, can build a variety of facilities!
advantageously Susumeyo Let the battle to build a facility!
make a you only original farm!
■ training
meal and strengthening Battle a variety of training system of! !
to foster digital monsters, Susumeyo the story.
■ evolution
Digimon familiar evolution system! !
the Agumon to Gureimon, the Gureimon to Metalgreymon ...!
evolve your Digimon, lets make up the strongest party!
[app price]
Apps body: Free * free-to-play system
[operating environment, and other inquiries]
※ this app, please use always in the operating environment described in the above link. It should be noted that, even in the case of use in the operating environment, due to factors of your usage and model of the specific customer, you may be the app is not working properly.
(c) Akemi Hongo Toei Animation
(c) 2016 bandai namco entertainment inc.
this application, the right holder of the we deliver to obtain a formal license.

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Digimon Links 2.2.4:

Digimon Links 2.2.4
Price: Free
In-app purchases: Yes
Size: 56.41 MB
Current Version: 2.2.4
Installs: 500,000 - 1,000,000
Rating average : aggregateRating (3.7 out of 5)
Rating users: 15,172
Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Content Rating: Everyone 10+
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